Agent ConversationEdit

Cargo DeliveryEdit

I have just the thing you want.I need a shipment of Spiced Wine delivered to this station as soon as possible. It's currently stored in one of our warehouses in (Insert System); I'll give you the coordinates, of course. Just warp to our outpost, navigate to the warehouse, and pick up the shipment, and then return it to Inset Mission system/station). Simple, ain't it? Just make sure you keep a lookout for any suspicious activity. You can't be too careful these days.

Cargo Delivery ObjectivesEdit

The following objectives must be completed to finish the mission:

Bring Item Objective Acquire these goods:

6 64 11

Spiced wine

10 x Spiced Wine (5.0 m³)

Mission Links

Level 1: Angel Cartel OR Blood Raiders
Level 2: Angel Cartel OR Blood Raiders
Level 3: Blood Raiders OR Serpentis
Level 4: Blood Raiders OR Sansha Nation OR Serpentis