When space travel became a profitable enterprise due to asteroid mining and production in a vacuum-environment, it took no time at all for humanity to settle down on most of the planets and moons of our solar system. The ensuing economic boom allowed for great advances in technological research. Soon it became possible to travel vast distances in space. In the beginning,before warp (space-bending) technology, the distance between two star systems seemed an unconquerable obstacle. Later, jump gates,merging gravity with negative energy, created stable wormholes which made travel between two distant places of space feasible within moments. Humanity swarmed out to distant star systems at an increasing rate.

The next breakthrough was the development of jump drives based on warp technology. The early versions of jump drives were only capable of handling short distances, but later it became possible to jump between star systems without the need for jump gates. This enabled human expansion to spread across the universe like a viral outbreak. Soon, human settlements appeared in hundreds of star systems, dozens of which grew into huge colonies. Unfortunately,the process of expansion became more and more difficult due to bureaucracy. Almost every star system within jump range was now sold out before the actual colonization took place. Many had to wait years for their chance at a new home on a new world.

This all changed suddenly when a new, natural wormhole was discovered near the Canopus system. Although this phenomena had already been proven to exist, this was the first occasion such a miracle had been found. The probes sent into the wormhole showed that the passage through it was stable, and that a new galaxy await edexplorers on the other side. Speculation was endless. This could be a galaxy far from our Milky Way, a galaxy clear across the universe,maybe another dimension, or even a parallel universe.

The wormhole was called EVE, because new worlds meant new beginnings for many. A decision was made to build jump gates on both sides of EVE, but travel would be restricted only to special, reinforced ships fit to travel through the wormhole. Then came the news that scientists predicted EVE would close within a few decades. To maximize the opportunities EVE offered, people and equipment were transported to the other side and bases were established in the new system.

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