Agent ConversationEdit

Eliminate the Pirate CampersEdit

I have a job for someone of your caliber. There's a hidden stargate in (Insert System) that is frequented by pilots of the Minmatar Republic. Recently, a gang of Angel goons set up camp near the stargate in the hopes of catching easy prey traveling via the gate; they attack any passersby who aren't part of their terrorist organization.

We've considered sending in the military, but I'm afraid the pirates might make a quick get-away should they discover who's after them. I'd like you to go there and waste them once they attack you. When you've destroyed them, return to me for your reward.

Eliminate the Pirate Campers ObjectivesEdit

The following objectives must be completed to finish the mission:

Eliminate the (Insert Faction) ships roaming around the stargate near the coordinates of your bookmark.

Your MissionEdit

Level 1: Sansha Nation or Serpentis

Level 2: Guristas Pirates or Thukker tribe

Level 3: Angel Cartel or Blood Raiders