The basic operation of spaceships


  • Type: Spaceship Command
  • Primary Attribute: Perception
  • Secondary Attribute: Willpower
  • NPC Market Cost: ISK 18,000.00

Attribute BonusEdit

  • 2% improved ship agility for all ships per skill level

Required ForEdit

Level IEdit

  • Amarr Frigate
  • Caldari Frigate
  • Gallente Frigate
  • Minmatar Frigate

Level IIEdit

Level IIIEdit

  • Amarr Cruiser
  • Caldari Cruiser
  • Covert Ops
  • Destroyers
  • Gallente Cruiser
  • Interceptors
  • Logistics
  • Minmatar Cruiser
  • Transport Ships

Level IVEdit

  • Amarr Battleship
  • Battlecruiser
  • Caldari Battleship
  • Exhumers
  • Gallente Battleship
  • Interdictors
  • Minmatar Battleship

Level VEdit

  • Advanced Spaceship Command
  • Command Ships
  • Heavy Assault Ships
  • Recon Ships

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